The Past

Barter Fest #1: June 12
Location: Locust Business District/Midtown, Yeyo Arts Center
About 75 barterists came together to swap wares of all shapes and sizes for the very first Barter Fest! Barter offers included bowls made out of records, knitted accessories, an assortment of jewelry, jams, bread, granola, yogurt, historical bike tours, bike deliveries, notebooks, kombucha, and much, much more.

The first Barter Fest also included live music from participating barterists Adam Hajari, Mr. Black Cat, Kyle Bromm, and Michael Fazio, as well as live hair cutting demonstrations, face-painting, a potluck, and a clothing swap.

To view photos from the last Barter Fest, click here.

Barter Fest #2: September 18
Location: Old North St. Louis, Old North Restoration Group
First Barter Fest to feature workshops! Thanks to workshop leaders Jenny Murphy (cold frame making out of recycled materials), Theresa Hopkins (basketry from recycled materials), Malena Amusa (Inspiring African Dance), and Kevin and Danielle McCoy (screen-printing). We learned a lot (and sweated a bit too) and it was good fun. Also thanks to Kyle Bromm and Michael Berg for their superb musical skills as always, and all the participating barterists, as well as Old North Restoration Group for allowing us to use your beautiful space.

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